One of the new names on the Russian automotive filter market, AVS AUTOPARTS is a well-known brand from Italy. AVS AUTOPARTS produces a wide range of filter elements for passenger cars and small commercial vehicles: oil, fuel, air, cabin.

The company has several factories equipped with high-precision automated equipment. All production processes in the plants are certified to international ISO standards. Only high-quality raw materials, sourced only from trusted suppliers, are used for the production of filter elements.

The factor of using quality raw materials, as well as strict compliance with technological processes and multi-step quality control ensure stable characteristics of AVS AUTOPARTS filters and their reliability over the entire operating cycle. And these virtues of the brand's products are highly appreciated by car manufacturers, automotive component distributors, service stations and motorists all over the world.

To get back to the point about the importance of not economising on filters, it is the quality of the filter elements that determines the stability and durability of the engine. There are plenty of stories on the internet about the disastrous consequences of using poor-quality filters. But there is another problem: many well known brands-manufacturers of filters have closed their business in Russia, and the market, in addition to the original products, imported in parallel, has flooded with a stream of fakes. The box of these filters is very similar to the original, but the filters themselves - their quality and reliability - do not stand up to criticism. Here is another advantage of AVS AUTOPARTS: they are not counterfeited.