The supply geography of DH Lighting (automotive lighting manufacturer) spans today over 40 world countries. The company's products are also supplied to the aftermarket of auto components, and to the conveyors of Korean and foreign automotive manufacturers.

In the Asian region, the company has created large production facilities, has its own R&D and testing centers, as well as a factory for the production of chips for LED modules. All production lines of the enterprise dedicated to the production of automotive lamps are fitted with automatic systems and computer equipment. Compliance with high quality standards is confirmed by ISO/ TS16949, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certificates, which DH Lighting received as a result of the international audit. Thanks to a high level of automation and the use of a whole range of measures, the company produces products with a zero percentage of defects, and this approach is reflected in the corporate concept named Zero Defect

EXCELITE halogen lightning

For the automotive aftermarket, DH Lighting offers a wide range of halogen lamps under the Excelite brand. This line includes several series.

So, for example, the Standard series is positioned as the most balanced offer in terms of price, luminary efficiency and reliability. These lamps guarantee the comfort and safety for a car user while driving. Long Life halogen lamps offer two-fold (and three-fold in case of Super Long Life) operational life compared to standard halogen lamps and are positioned as the best solution in terms of price and reliability for those users who often drive with their headlights on. The light beam of Super Vision series lamps is 20 meters longer than that of standard lamps. The same figure is increased up to 40 m in case of Super Vision Ultra. According to the manufacturer, Super Vision lamps give up to 50% more light on the road, and Super Vision Ultra lamps - up to 80%.

It stands to mention new Platinum White and Xenon White Ultra series. Platinum White lamps, with a beam of up to 60 meters longer than that of standard lamps, have a powerful and bright light and have a special coating with the addition of platinum. Xenon White Ultra lamps represent light sources with a color temperature of 4000K, which is equivalent to daylight. They provide not only maximum visibility on the road, but also give a car an attractive appearance.

The product range of Excelite halogen light is not limited to this. In addition, DH Lighting produces several lines of lamps for trucks and motorcycles. All products are available in the most popular types and meet quality criteria comparable to OEM standards.

Excelite lamps for Russian car users

The official representative of Excelite brand at the Russian market is TECH WORLD Company. Alexander Chirkin, Technical Expert of TECH WORLD, said that the numerous advantages of Excelite products also include include a wide range of lamps with the so-called Japanese type, which are suitable for Asian car brands. Taking into account the fact that the share of Chinese brands in the structure of the Russian car parc has begun to grow rapidly and will continue its growth in the future, this advantage is becoming more and more obvious.

“In the Russian market’s segment of LED lamps, the positions of European brands are still strong,” - explains Alexander. “We take this fact into account when forming the Excelite brand line for the Russian market and focus on halogen lamps, as we believe that in terms of price and quality they represent a perfectly balanced product. Again, it should be taken into account that the Russian user now needs just such a simple solution - affordable, but at the same time providing acceptable driving safety aspects in the conditions of our still inadequately illuminated roads.

The range of Excelite lamps for the Russian market has been formed taking into account new realities and changed opportunities of car users. At the same time, the range of products available for car owners in the Russian Federation, according to Alexander, includes lamps that meet different needs. “This range includes standard halogen lamps, which is positioned as a budget product, being no way inferior to European competitors in terms of the quality,”- he clarifies. “Long Life products with extended service life are also represented herein. There's also new Super White Ultra series, with a color temperature as close to daylight as possible, that has been homologated for use on public roads, and new Hyper Vision Ultra series – these lamps provide up to 200% more light on the road than standard light sources”.

TECH WORLD is closely monitoring the situation at the Russian car market and is already noting that the share of Chinese brands is actively growing in terms of new car sales. It is obvious that the structure of the maintenance car parc will begin to change in the near future. “And this means that both car dealerships and maintenance workshops will have to increase the share of automotive components for Chinese cars,” - sums up Alexander. “Therefore, we will form Excelite brand offer for Russian buyers also based on such trends and changes”.

LED future

However, at the global level, the future belongs to LED lamps in the mass automotive industry. According to Alexander, in the field of LED solutions, the most active development currently relates to cooling systems, LED chips and materials for lamp bodies; of course, other related technologies are also developing.

The widespread use of LED lamps is somewhat hindered by the current ban on the use of LED lamps instead of halogen bulbs in the headlights of a car. In this context, DH Lighting follows the legislative language in everything, however, if necessary, if the legislation in the main world markets changes, the company is ready to provide car owners with a wide range of LED headlights.