Great news! We've developed a website to show our products and capabilities, furthermore to communicate sector news. You can follow all the updates concerning company's products, new strategic partners. Often when users approach a site, they can't find the information they're looking for quickly. This happens due to the attempts to attract the customers, but not to solve their problems.

Therefore, during the preparation of the the site, we focused on the desire of customers to be able to define the purchases in a fast way. In this optic it has been cretaed a minimalistic web interface. On the site it is also available the option to download catalogs of specific brands to explore the available range in a more detailed way. In addition to catalogs on the site you can see the information about manufacturers, and in the section "news" are available articles on automotive and other topics.

The web page allows us to communicate with our customers directly, to make quick announcements. Promotion of high-quality auto components on Russian market and support of new business inside the country are the goals we are pursuing every day because we love our work and those people whose interests match with ours.