In these challenging times, when the auto market is going through a huge instability, a new company, Tech World, is starting. The market for auto parts is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, but today in Russia it lives a difficult moment. Tell us how, in such difficult times, did you decide to open a company? Tell us about the direction, the strategy, the brands. If we are talking about the Russian market, I wouldn't call it difficult but very specific, consisting of dynamics completely different from the usual European ones. Opening a company is always a risk, a bet where there's a 50% chance that everything will be ok and a 50% chance that everything will go wrong and the only real weapon to run a new company is the human factor and the people who work with me support me every day, they help me to make better choices for the business and for our families. Opening a new business in a such a delicate moment, I think it is an extremely logical choice. A choice to ensure continuity of service and presence in the marketplace and distribution. Leaving the country, as many have done, will not solve anything, but only transfer the problems of being unemployed in Russia to being unemployed in another country. However, in this way we have combined the experience and desire to do the work that most of my team has done for over twenty years with great professionalism and success, and to look to the future with the intention of creating a new development and concept for the Russian market. Dozens of trading companies are being born and die at the moment, promising customers incredibly favorable prices. We, on the other hand, understand that there are difficulties with logistics and customs services, which generate an increase of the cost of the product. That's why when we decided to stay in the market, logically weighed up all the ingredients, the cost of the product, paying attention to the economic and human resources. And we focused on our own transport logistics, capable of guaranteeing timely shipments from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America. New brands today is a delicate subject, and at this stage we are engaged in the development of new suppliers that meet high quality characteristics and are able to guarantee an extremely interesting economic factor.