The domestic market of auto parts and auto components is living hard times. This is probably the most difficult time either for sellers of these products either for end users since the crisis in 2009. Many European suppliers have left the Russian market, creating a huge shortage of products, especially as concerns premium brands. The supply chain, that has been built up all over many years, has been disrupted, and a large number of low-quality and even counterfeit products are appearing.

The parallel import of Premium Brands, allowed by the Russian government, is unable to solve all the problems in the near future. This is connected not only with logistical problems, but also with the problem of the availability of goods for Russian consumers. Some well known suppliers in our country simply refuse to supply car parts and car components to the Russian market. In many areas, some brands are now being replaced by others, and there is a very important issue here - the question of the quality of goods under the new brands. And what is a "new brand"? In our case, it is not a brand that appeared "yesterday and out of nowhere. This brand, whose Russian consumers are not yet aware, it is popular and required in other countries all over the world.

TECH WORLD is a new company on the Russian market with its head office in Moscow and its subsidiaries in the UAE and Italy. We are engaged in wholesale purchases and sales of high quality " New Brands" auto components, our logistics structure allows us to deliver the goods to the warehouse of our Wholesalers.